About Us

About Us

VoterWatch is an innovative, non-partisan non-profit that utilizes media and technology to encourage participation in the political process. We work with advocacy groups, bloggers, journalists, and educators who are fighting for change and accountability in government. Through our interactive media player, we provide a virtual democracy where the physical dimensions of the House and Senate no longer constrain who can be part of the legislative conversation.

The VoterWatch media player enables advocacy groups and their audience members to use video content like never before. VoterWatch’s innovative technology will revolutionize the method through which you comment on what’s going on in legislation. Instead of remaining a bystander to the Congressional hearings and political events that matter most to you, our unique player gives you complete control over the video viewing experience.

VoterWatch enables you to act as your own media commentator, as it allows you to blog, comment, link, fact check, rebut and interact within Congressional and political video. Instead of presenting static video, advocacy groups can make themselves commentators inside of some of today’s most impactful social and political events.

VoterWatch serves organizations across the nation and is continuously engaged in a variety of government transparency and citizen engagement projects. VoterWatch publishes weekly editions of the Transparency Recap, a blog feature that is dedicated to covering some of the blogosphere’s most informative open government and citizen engagement news and commentary. The recap is read by members of the open government community, journalists and bloggers from across the nation.